May 212009

…establishing a Creative Commons License over the use of the phrase,Stench Of Reality.
The following won’t mean anything to anyone but me, however for reasons of my own, I have established a Creative Commons Licence applicable to any content which appears on this weblog. That licence – established under the Australian jurisdiction of Creative Commons is BY ATTRIBUTION only.

Appearing on a forum under the nom de plume of Placebo (myself):

“Australia accepts refugees because Australia has obligations as an active member of a responsible global community. Since when has democracy been any different? Wake up & smell the stench of reality. It’s a free world only if you do as you’re told.”

I now lay claim to the phrase ‘Stench of Reality’ under Creative Commons through the Australian jurisdiction. The phrase is free for anyone to use, however the licensing requires attribution to the nom de plume Placebo and reference to this website at each use.
Creative Commons License
stench of reality by Placebo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.5 Australia License

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