Mar 032007

"The Australian people at the very, very least are entitled to a full account of what happened, an admission from him that the real purpose of those meetings was to advance his political career, and an acknowledgment that in trying to pretend otherwise he has misled the Australian people"

So says the most accomplished teller of falsehoods the Australian political process has ever produced.

Little Johnny Howler is now attempting to have the Australian people believe that Kevin Rudd has told some kind of lie about his poorly judged decision to meet with convicted criminal, Brian Burke. Bannerman isn’t aware that Rudd has done anything of the kind. He has admitted that meetings did take place, that his decision to meet Burke was one of poor judgement and that doing so was a mistake on his part. Honesty is always the best policy, especially in politics.

What transpired in said meetings with Burke is really no-ones business except for those who were at said meetings. Just as former federal human affairs minister, Ian Campbell’s meeting(s?) with Burke in 2006 are his business. Bannerman does not see any reason that either individual need state anything more than what they already have. It’s amusing that Little Johnny Howler is screaming for Rudd to come clean on some dark deed, yet makes no such declaration on behalf of his former minister of the crown. Just how many ways are there to spell hypocrisy?

Bannerman, like Rudd, would dearly love to see an election called by the short, bald man from Kirribilli. He won’t, unfortunately, because the political ground he’s standing on currently is far too unstable. Pity that. Never send to know for whom the bell tolls, Little Johnny Howler; it tolls for thee."

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