Oct 072007

A trifecta and one a long time in the delivery. What a race!

Two-thirds of patty-cake, the usual pitstops and bugger-all incidents only to be handed a race over the final 50 laps where pitstop strategies came to the fore and even weather played a part.
It was never going to really rain on the Mountain, but the few drops which did fall really evened out the field. All manner of kudos to Steven Johnson, and Will Davison for their drives today. I’ve always believed Will had what it takes to keep a car straight and fast, but never really believed until today that Steven could come anywhere near the efforts of his old man. Humble pie for dinner at this place tonight.
Also, honourable mention for Greg Murphy and Jason Richards, who’s team received next to no television coverage during the day, yet plugged away, drove a strategic race and damn near made a podium in the end.
Special mention also for Steve Owen and Tony D`Alberto in the Autobarn car. Nary a foot wrong all day, running a VERY conservative race and bringing home a straight car. P6 after 161 laps around the Mountain is nothing to be sneezed at. It’s also pertinent to name the second Team Vodafone car at P5, the second Jim Beam Racing car at P8 and the Garry Rogers Motorsport car 34 at P9. Personally, I’m quite sad that the Holdsworth/Canto car #33 didn’t survive that last 10 laps. Lee Holdsworth in particular will feel cheated tonight.
Almost an aside and somewhat forgotten moment, Bathurst should be remembered as being a round of the V8 Supercar Championship. With double points on offer, the series table looks like this.


So, that’s it boys & girls, until next year. So long to wait, so much anticipation and so little time to enjoy. On to Sufferer’s Parapet in a fortnight’s time.

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