Jul 062007

Iraq like historic US war, says Bush
Complete and utter balderdash!

Another eighteen months the American public have to tolerate this buffoon in the Whitehouse. Another eighteen months of stubborn, bull-headed, sanctimonious, self-righteousness which blatantly ignores the overwhelming opinion of a broad majority of American voters. Why? Because he can, that’s why.
Eighteen months to go before George W Bush is consigned to the political garbage can as an historical memory we’d all rather pretend never happened. I don’t know of an American who supports this fool, yet like the Australian electorate between polls, they’re doomed to see out the Presidential term. Politics is cruel, but gullibility and adherance to ideology will get you the government you deserve every time.
What amazes me is this man’s attitude to the next 18 months. He cares so little for public opinion that he’s re-hashing last years speeches. Surely a sign of a leader who’s past his time, knows it and just couldn’t give a damn.

  One Response to “Frankly, My Dear…”

  1. What can he say? I’m an (ex) coke addled drunk who doesn’t know his a*** from his elbow?
    And it’s all Darth Cheney & Rummy’s fault And that buck toothed rusky specialist paino playing hym singer.. i wuz only the (P)resident of the White House, you voted for me, twice, kinda sorta.

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