Feb 132008

Just a quick one from me today. Too damn busy to expound on all the thoughts in the mind.

I listened to Rudd say ‘Sorry’ on the way to the Gold Coast this morning, and also heard Nelson start off quite well, but fall back into the rut which practically every coalition member has been mucking in since November 24 last year. I was muchly impressed by not only the 316 words released last night, but also, and probably more so, by the words which followed. Very profound delivery, as honest as the day is long and seemingly sincere. Of course, we’re talking about a career politician here. One who started off his career as a diplomat so it’s not to be unexpected that he’d deliver a symbol like an apology with a deep and abiding sincerity.
Poor Brendan, though. He started off so well. All good words and equally sincerely delivered. Right up to the point where his line of speech should have taken him at a tangent away from the historical record. He failed to make it. Yes indeed, there were some good outcomes from the bad actions of a time and culture now long past. But that’s not what the day was all about. The day was about recognising that bad things happened, people were wounded and changes took places which could never be recovered. Justification of position throughout the Howard era, or even the mentioning that some acknowledgement should be paid to the good things, just wasn’t what he was there for today. Turned backs, slow claps and cat calls were well deserved, I thought. More from the perspective of saying, “Brendan, you dickhead” than anything else. Will this harm his leadership? Unlikely when one looks further into the day when Tony Abbott uttered similar platitudes on top of last night’s pathetic display of blind allegiance to a failed ideology when he appeared on Lateline. Watch the video, it’s even more revealing. Julie Bishop wasn’t a whole lot better later this afternoon. I missed hearing Turnbull, but perhaps someone slipped some epsom salts into his afternoon tea because I don’t recall hearing him at all today.
Wayne Swan made the time worn yet accurate accusation of the Liberal-led coalition today. “Born to rule” and thus far into the 42nd Parliament, it’s blatantly clear than none of the Howardian stormtroopers have realised that the war is lost, the King dead, and his treasury looted only to be found empty. I’m really starting to believe that the next 12 months of the Rudd government, at least, are going to be Opposition free. Not a good thing for a broadly accepted and obviously popular government, despite the corrugations in the economic road ahead.
From little things, big things grow. Saying ‘Sorry’, which I still fail to see any real reconciliation coming from, has laid bare some rather big and possibly dangerous things for both sides of the political fence in the term ahead.

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