Jan 012012

I sit here at 23:33 hours, 31 December 2011, with a cleansing ale preparing to tentatively welcome in the New year, 2012

Tentatively because every year has it’s trials & tribulations. I must also retract the adverb, ‘welcome’ as the passage of time occurs whether or not I ‘welcome’ it. It’s time. Ethereal and ever moving forward. Unstoppable, irresistible, irrefutable. We – humanity – are trapped by time. We cannot help but move forward with it’s insistent flow. We cannot challenge it, we cannot refuse it. We are a part of it.

So, 2012 is now ten minutes away and approaching at breakneck pace. Some of my favourite music is playing on ABC1 Rage, I’ve polished off four beers, a bottle of fizzy red (which was VERY disappointing but not surprisingly so considering where it came from) and now I’m imbibing a cleansing ale afore bed. Tomorrow, 1 January 2012, I’ll be preparing for my annual sojourn in the bush. Girraween National Park. For the ignorant, 10 klicks from Tenterfield, 3 hours from Brisbane by road. As far as I feel like going and still managing to get as far from humanity as possible without surrendering the niceties of civilisation.

I’m sick to death of this world right now. It’s filled with ideologues, self-appointed critiques, baseless graph drawers who insist that cherry-picked stats are more important than the base raw data. That spin is more important than fact. And isn’t it? Fuck no, man!! Spin is spin. There is no other way to define deception than to call it for what it is. Lies, logical fallacy, twisted truth, dogma, ideology. The number of these programmed fools I come across daily absolutely astounds me. It’s their purpose in life to proselytise their political religion and damn their ideological opponents to whatever purgatory exists for non-conservative adherents. Can’t be all that bad, I’m in the middle of it up to my nostrils, inhaling deeply.

Fuck 2011 and fuck 2012. Fuck all the years that have gone before me and fuck all the time I have left. Fuck Tim Blair, Fuck the trolls on Twitter. Fuck the establishment & the paradigm we all find ourselves trapped within personally. There is more to this life than we know, but we won’t find it within this life. With our final breath we’ll become enlightened. The door to the next will open a gap, light will shine and we’ll realise that time doesn’t matter a dot. Time was just the currency of the previous level. The purgatory we had to endure before entering the next level of awareness.

Happy “New Year” folks. Hope it’s a good one for you, but I won’t lose any sleep out of my timeline wondering whether it is for you or not. After all, we’re all in this existence for ourselves, yeh?


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