Jul 142007

Now hear this! I’m getting folks telling me their comments are vanishing into the ether. Some first time, others long after the fact. I’ve experienced some weirdness myself so have decided to – as I stated on a comment thread – apply the mirror theory and look into it.
Bear with the Bannerman, you all. He’s not all that clever when it comes to MoveableType, but he does have some excellent backup.

  3 Responses to “General Maintenance Notification”

  1. Lotsa luck – would you like us to keep a log of comments so we know which disappear? So much gold, lost to posterity..

  2. Good luck.
    Like I say “Let the comments flow freely!”
    Does MoveableType have an Aksimet plugin? The best thing for spam since sliced bread.

  3. well, a log of date/time would be handy I suppose. I wouldn’t be getting overly serious about it though

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