Feb 192008

Who do we hate now? A question posed – according to Gerard Henderson – by Catherine Deveny, a Fairfax and by direct inference, ‘leftist’ journalist.

Might I suggest that the cadre of ‘rightist’ journalists presently still smarting from the Howard government annihilation might make a suitable substitute? Honestly, since 24 November, all we’ve seen, heard or read from that end of the political commentariate has been a litany of cries and whinges bemoaning the passing of a poisonous regime which supported their views. Life’s like that, fellows and ladies. You win some, etcetera.
I dare say Henderson does have a point when he decries the actions of Rod Cameron on last week’s Lateline, however, it’s highly disingenuous of him – Henderson – to infer that under the previous regime, opinions weren’t repressed at the highest levels. We were subject to the Howardian view of history, constantly re-written and amended by the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet. There was the unstinting support of the arrogant arsehat, Keith Windshuttle, by various sectors of the Howard government, the quieting of ABC radio reporting during the Iraq war by the then minister for communications, Alston. The most recent travesty being the terrible management of, and utter secrecy involved with the Haneef Affair in July 2007. $7.5 million later, we hear in Senate estimates only yesterday that the same investigation is ongoing, despite Dr Haneef being cleared.
So Rod Cameron had the temerity to air his views on national television. Big Deal. Perhaps instead of acting as saviour in text for his fellow conservative, Morris, Henderson ought to be berating the man for not standing his ground and demanding his pluralistic rights. In the world of politics, tainted heavily by ideology, there are geese and ganders. What’s good for one, is very likely to be exercised by the other. That’s life. No point whining about it all after the fact.

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  1. I suggest that water be removed from formal dinners where these creatures meet in case they start giving toasts the the RatKing ‘over the water” during this distressing Interregnum.

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