Oct 032010

When you’re in a hole, stop digging. Wise advice that I highly recommend to Geoff Elliot and his fellow minions at The Australian. Perhaps Geoffrey, Matty Franklin, poor Jimmy Massola and all those others in The Oz offices who Franklin tells me all believe as they’re told t…….sorry……all believe that outing Greg Jericho last Monday was okie-dokie, consider themselves in the same boat as Winston Churchill.

If you’re going through Hell, keep going

Clearly, all those hacklers at The Oz are going through Hell because the excuses and rebuttals just keep right on coming. Trouble is, the more excuses and rebuttals we see, the more tangled becomes the web woven. Pretty soon, The Oz is going to be all web. The prey – anyone who dares disagree or challenge the ideological paradigm The Oz fosters -  sits aside watching the futile struggles as the spider spins on itself, eventually to fall from the tree where the passing traffic will squash the strange looking cocoon with the exhausted spider inside.

Wake up, Geoffrey Elliott! Wake up, Chris Mitchell! What Massola did was WRONG! That’s W and an R with an O than an N followed up at the end with a G. You cannot, indeed, must not use the auspices of the Fourth Estate to run an ideological agenda deliberately aimed at supporting one side – conservatism – of the Australian political divide. No-one cares what the politics of individual journalists are and if said journalists are true to their ‘professional’ ethics, they won’t deliberately ride their political charger into the ideological fray. The worrisome evidence which has arisen from #groggate and by it’s own hand as a collective, is the admission contained within Geoff Elliott’s piece linked above that journalists within The Australian, let’s say certain journalists, are indeed astride their chargers and engaged in battle. Ideological battle in betrayal of their career’s ideals and in truth, in betrayal of their own. That’s sad, but by his own hand, we now have the admission of the Media Editor of The Oz that he condones ideological warfare against what he defines as ‘the Left’.

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