Feb 282008

I heard this issue being bandied about on AM this morning, and frankly thought it all a bit funny.

Describing someone as an ‘obnoxious little weed’ is harmless, in fact I dare say many of us call people who annoy our sensibilities daily a lot worse things than that. That a professional international cricket player described one of his own ilk from another team as a disagreeable form of plantlife simply screams out for acknowledgement on the lighter side.
Cricket players are not trained diplomats, nor should they have to be. They’re sporting professionals and have every right to speak of their opponents however they wish, especially so because they ARE opponents. ‘Obnoxious little weed’ is a hell of a lot better than anything of a racist nature, for argument sake, which is what Cricket Australia has tacitly accused Andrew Symons of having done recently, by deliberately withholding information on the complainant’s behavioural history from the investigating authority.
Of course, the cricketing world knows exactly why CA are running scared of Indian cricket at the moment, and it all revolves around money. So, does money – gatetakings and marketing rights – over-rule national pride, sense of self worth and professional competitiveness? Is it now politically incorrect for Australian cricketers to speak their minds on any issue concerning opposition teams or members?
Who gives a shit?!! If Harbhajan Singh is an ‘obnoxious little weed’ then call him such. Doesn’t matter whether he’s white, black, brown or brindle. If he’s an arrogant arsehole who constantly pushes the behavioural envelope, then he deserves whatever sledging he gets, both on or off the field. All CA has to do is make a public statement to the effect that the opinions of it’s contracted players do not reflect the opinions or ideals of Cricket Australia. Problem solved. The more CA panders to Indian cricket, the more ill-will is going to be fostered amongst Australian players. No-one likes being pinged for nonsense. CA needs a bloody good enema and Indian cricket needs to come to terms with professional sporting realities.

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