Feb 212008

Last week I postulated that Craig Gore’s withdrawal of WPS Racing from the V8 Supercar Championship might have had more to do with money than time.

I have to say, I still have my doubts, however Gore has finally come out into the sunlight with an explanation, of sorts.
It would appear that like the ‘White Shoe Brigade’ of old, he’s managed to tred on the toes of V8 Supercar’s more powerful personages. Namely, one of the two major manufacturers in Ford Australia. I’d suggest that because Ford wouldn’t grant him ‘factory backed’ status with the attendant discounted technical support and payment arrangements on shells and materials, he’s decided to have a big spit, pack up and move on. Well, good luck to him, I say.
No serious loss to the sport, from my perspective. As talented as his drivers may be, the equipment, and probably backing by way of technical support probably wasn’t there in sufficient quantity. Just as money can’t buy love, it doesn’t buy goodwill either. Especially if you come in as a newbie expecting everyone else to gladhand you because you could afford a couple of Tier One licences. I’ll stick by my previous thoughts. Working in finance does tend to give one some privileged insights.
My sympathies lie with Jason Bargwanna and Max Wilson. Doubtless they’ll have their managers activate security provisions of their contracts, but money considerations aside, both are now left sitting on the sidelines for season 2008, with a slim possibility of a drive with some no-name team in the two endurance rounds later this year.
On the question of Gore’s Tier One licences, it seems that Larry Perkins has bought one, allowing Jack Daniels Racing to upgrade the team to two full-time Tier One entries. Previously, JDR had run on one Tier One licence and one Tier Two. Story can be found here.

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