Jun 282008

This is rather amusing, and yet another attempt at distraction by the opposition spokesman for the environment, Greg Hunt, from the opposition’s inadequacies on the environment, carbon trading, solar energy, etcetera. I don’t have much regard for him. Just a petty,ineffectual representative, more interested in raising his own profile by leaping out of a plane, rather than delivering a proper policy statement from the coalition parties on alternative energies. A show pony.

Attacking Peter Garrett long distance, despite the media reporting favourably on Garrett’s performance in Santiago, despite former Australian Environment and Heritage Minister, Ian Campbell, handing Garrett a laurel for his efforts when interviewed on Radio National Breakfast, Friday simply highlights that Hunt is out of touch.

According to Annabelle Crabbe, when speaking on Australia Talks, Wednesday, Greg Hunt has more positions than the Kama Sutra. Pity he’s no-where near as artistic, interesting or useful.

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