Mar 272007

Greens Leader Bob Brown says Hicks’s guilt will always be in doubt, despite the guilty plea.

"His guilty plea is simply a plea for release, for exit from the inhumane Guantanamo Bay gulag, and that’s a human response."
ABC News Online

Finally, after five long years of inaction on the part of the Australian government and a tacit promotion of a clearly unfair and illegal system of so-called justice, David Hicks has taken matters into his own hands in a bid to secure his own release from the Cuban hell hole which has been his cage.

In pleading guilty to the concocted charge of providing material support for terrorism – a charge by the way Bannerman considers would have been extraordinarily difficult to prove for the prosecution under any circumstances – David Hicks has now forced a decision process on the Americans for which they would not have been prepared at this stage.

Doubtless, his decision came about through the arbitrary barring from the ’court’ of Hicks’ American civilian counsel and a junior civilian assistant to his military defence lawyer, Maj. Michael Mori. It’s clearly not enough for the Americans to run a kangaroo court. They also want the numbers on their side as well.

Whether David Hicks can be considered guilty of any charge, or any offence outside of being a theological tourist, adventure seeker and all-round vacant-brained idiot, will now forever remain in question. Conservative apologists will tout a victory for whatever it is they believe their kind are fighting against, but Bannerman is devoutly certain that it’s not people like David Hicks. Hicks has always been, and remains a pawn in a much larger, globally influential political game.

If there is any justice to come from this entire sorry episode, not only for Australian justice and ethos of fair play but also for the so-called democracy promoted by the Americans in their war against themselves, it will come in the form of a sentence for Hicks which accepts time served as full and complete satisfaction of the political, ideological cost he has incurred. Bannerman fervently looks forward to the day when the man can return to his home country, resume his life in whatever manner he so chooses, and tell his story to all who want to know the truth. May that day be very, very soon.

Congratulations, David Hicks. You have made a difficult choice and rolled a dice. Bannerman’s money is on you.

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