Jun 132008

The internet is a wonderful thing. Once something is submitted to it, that something can exist practically forever on some server, somewhere.

Often these ‘somethings’ can be recalled if one knows where to look and how to get at them. I’m guessing that’s why certain individuals in the OzSphere keep making oblique references – like this one – to this event. I thought I’d save anyone interested in ancient history the trouble of trying to resurrect the original. It’s long gone, but thankfully, Blair’s archives live on so all RWDB’s in interweb land can get their jollies.

What these people think or don’t think – there’s a lot of the latter involved, I’m certain…..not thinking – of the incident in question, how I reacted and the fact that I wrote about it at all, is irrelevant to me. I know what happened and I know that what I did about the issue was right & proper. In fact, the supposed discriminatory insult I wrote is merely an accurate representation of the perpetrator concerned. The only inaccuracy was the vehicle in question. Not a Landcruiser, but a Mazda Tribute. Big deal.

The bit which I find most disappointing is the lack of integrity these RWDB persons display in their random shit-splatters on someone elses blog. I’m sure people like Ken Parish don’t appreciate his blog being used as some petty battleground for ideological vacancy. I’ve offered these vacant people the opportunity to address me mano-a-mano, as it were, over their apparent angst, but it seems that none of them are mano enough to take me up on the offer. Shame that.

I have a cat, in fact we have three of them, and all will cough up a hairball containing irritants they’ve eaten from time to time. Each one of them will ensure that either my wife or I know they’ve done it, so that we can clean up their mess. It’s such a pity the RWDB’s in the OzSphere don’t have the ethos attached to the hairballs they keep coughing up. Clearly, cats have more integrity than the idiot factor which inhabits Australian blogging.


This curiosity piece has raised quite some interest among the usual suspects. Blair thinks my grasp of english needs touching up – angst means "emotion, anxiety, depression, feeling of dread" and ethos means "fundamental character or spirit of a culture or underlying sentiment that informs the beliefs". The usage above is correct, I’m afraid. I scored well in language at high school, Timmy. The standard cadre of right-wing hangers on to Club Troppo are commenting heaps more than is usual, which is hardly at all, simply because the Master has called on them to do so. Yes, perhaps my asking the question embodied above might be seen by those ignorant of the past as "whiny, self-serving, entirely juvenile and pointless" but I really don’t see any valid reason to simply let a bunch of mindless drones trample on my internet persona because they’re told to by another internet persona. It’s what blogging is about, after all!

Post Postie:

For the idiots out there, and Timmy Blair, mano a mano or as some write it mano e mano, is spanish for ‘hand-to-hand’, in English bastardised these days to mean:

  1. in or into direct, personal confrontation
  2. a duel or other confrontation between two individuals

I know I’m right, Timmy……I looked it up before I used it ;)

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