Feb 142008

Now this is an interesting turn of events. WPS Motorsport has been shutdown, and will not be taking part in this years V8 Supercar Championship. The Level One licences have been sold off, as have the teams two cars and all equipment. Drivers Jason Bargwanna and Max Wilson remain contracted to the WPS organisation, in some for or other which Gore declined to detail.
Equally interesting is the vow by Gore to continue racing in the U.S. I would postulate that Gore is under the fiscal gun presently. I think this because a week ago, I received a call from a finance broker looking to refinance and/or extract equity from some of Gore’s assets at Sanctuary Cove. A LOT of equity. My employer declined to be involved. Apparently, Craig Gore isn’t well thought of in the finance game. So I’m told, anyway.
Watch the finance and business pages, I’d say.

  2 Responses to “Has Craig Been Gored?”

  1. This guy is a 1st Class Scumbag.
    He owes money all over the place and has done the dirty on Derrick Walker.
    WPS is commonly known as “Will Pay Someday”

  2. I would say you were right on the money! Craig Gore has a number of his companies serious trouble now and they owe money all over the place. He is a man of little substance who has cost many people a lot of money. I just hope ASIC and the ATO are able to make him pay!
    I wonder if anyone will look into that rather “convenient” break-in to his home last year…I am guessing he claimed a far amount of money back via insurance as a result of that amazing event. I smell a rat.

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