Dec 042008

I recently had the pleasure of a rare outing to the movies. The show? ‘Quantum of Solace’

It’s an okay flick. Very much in the vein of the first Daniel Craig ‘Bond’ portray, but if possible, even more complicated than ‘Casino Royale’. QoS is actually the first Bond flick ever to pick up immediately following the film which preceded it. This ‘Bond’ film is different though. If anything, I found it annoying for it’s choppy, jumpy editing which doesn’t help out the convoluted storyline. Granted, the plot is fairly basic. Bond is broken hearted but won’t admit to it, following the death of the woman he loved, Vesper Lynd. He vows revenge, but won’t let on to ‘M’ that he’s obsessed. Long story short…..Bond gets his villain. Along the way there are the inevitable car chases, death-defying stunts, expansive cinematography, exotic locations, beautiful women and expensive cars. It’s ‘Bond’.
Were it not for the quick-take editing leaving me feeling as though I wanted to shout out, “WAIT FOR ME!”, as action scenes literally flashed past my eyes, I’d probably have enjoyed the film even more. As it was, I felt by the end, and a somewhat twisted end it is, that I’d been somehow short-changed.
If you’re a fan of ‘Bond’ and more so, Daniel Craig, as I am, then don’t miss this one. As I say, it’s an okay flick. It could have been a whole lot more, but it’s okay. For mine, Craig is the closest rival to Connery I’ve seen in the franchise thus far. Beats Pierce Brosnan hands down.

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