Feb 032008

David Hicks is apparently courting media suitors. More power to him, I say. Let’s all hear the truth of the story from the man who suffered it. Should he accrue a profit from the experience? I doubt he will, considering the physical, temporal and mental toll he’s already paid, but in fiscal terms, why not, say I.
Frankly I don’t care what Hicks nets from the telling of his tale, just as long as we get to hear, see and read it all straight from the horse’s mouth.

  One Response to “Hicks Up”

  1. The supposed stumbling block is the Proceeds of Crime Act. But didn’t the Rodent and the Corpse Who Walks spend months and years telling us that the reason he couldn’t come home was that he had NOT committed ANY crime under Australian law?
    He no doubt a ratbag but he’s done a lot less to harm anybody than the greedy Geckos behind the subprime fallout.

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