Jan 262015

Clearly this man, this pretender to the throne of public governance, is not only a gross embarrassment to his own political colleagues, but a gross embarrassment and outright abuser of the people he purports to lead.

Abbott is so clearly out of touch with the Australian consciousness it’s uncomfortable to even contemplate what might have driven him to afford the consort to the monarchy of a foreign nation pseudo-citizenship by inferring a citizens-only honour, on Australia Day of all days.

Then, to further compound the insult to the Australian people, he calls their digital voice – social media, to which we’re all attuned in great numbers – digital graffiti! Your opinion, should you voice it on any of the social media forums, is akin to an adolescent tag from a spray can on a dark night, applied to whatever your chosen canvas might be, before the authorities come along & spring you. Further, tagging public property is an offense, so is Abbott seriously aligning the publically expressed opinion in social media with an illegal act?

Is this man so far out of touch, so elitistly removed from the everyday, that he overtly regards a digital expression of opinion as a complete nonsense? Does he not recognise public opinion? Does he, more pointedly, choose only to recognise those who support the monarchy as he clearly does? These are all relevant questions to be asked of the man who makes more partisan decisions outside his own party room, outside of any collegiate consultation with his cabinet, let alone his back-bench, than any other Prime Minister in living memory.

I believe the man to be dangerous. Dangerous in the context of the terminology of loose cannon. He is clearly a danger not only to this country, but also to the party he purports to lead. He obviously has little regard for the opinions of his fellow ministers, and even less regard for the public which supposedly voted him into power. It’s getting worse as well. We see daily thought bubbles being put about as policy, only to be revoked the next day. Certainly, public opinion counts on issues like Medicare, for example, yet when that very same opinion, is expressed through the very same media which supported the outcry against the Medicare rebate manipulation, on the subject of appointment of a non-state member of a foreign elite class, it is regarded by Abbott as digital graffiti.

This man must go! He is not fit to lead his own political party, and certainly not fit to appear in the name of Australians everywhere, if he chooses to confer Australian citizen’s honours, on foreign nationals, on the one day of the year we seem to recognise our nationhood.

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