Feb 202007

’Mr Andrews says it’s not possible under Australian law for Mr Jovicic to be granted Australian citizenship at this time.’
Lateline – 20/02/2007

Bannerman draws the readers attention to the last three words in Kevin Andrews’ or his department spokesperson’s statement on the future of Robert Jovicic. "…at this time." Bannerman wants to know just when, under Australian law, it will become possible for Mr Jovicic to be granted at least a return to permanent residency, pending his citizenship instatement? Bannerman wants to know why the Howardian regime appears intent on toying with this man’s future, after bowing to the weight of public opinion and returning him to the country he has spent 99.95% of his life in?

Bannerman asks whether Australia is still the land of the Fair Go, or has it, under the conservative regime, become a society of moralising judgementalists? The simple facts are that Robert Jovicic is a human being. He has admitted he made mistakes in life. He is asking for a ’fair go’. A chance to prove that what he claims to be a changed persona is in fact that. Bannerman believes in the spirit of true Australiana. Jovicic deserves the benefit of the doubt. He deserves the ’fair go’ he asks for. He does not deserve to be treated as a disposable piece of humanity to be discarded at the whim of a bigoted, self-serving government which has form on the issues of regard for human rights.

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