Oct 262006

A disturbing article in the Guardian concerning the reprehensible procedure known as ‘extraordinary rendition’. It’s not sufficient, in my mind, that this process is hinted at as having occurred or might have occurred. It happens. Present tense. Read the article and you’ll get a repetition of yet another tale of a human being being spirited away on a clandestine flight to a part of the world where normal standards of behaviour simply don’t exist. Where people…..human beings…..are treated as semi-sentient animals from whom information is to be extracted. What fascinates me more than anything else in regard to this disgusting process, is the collusion between supposed hated enemies. The US will align itself with whomever it needs to to achieve any unstated aim. Publically reviled enemy states like Syria are freely flirted with in this process of ‘extraordinary rendition’. This, above all else, is what makes the process of intelligence gathering in this manner all the more appalling.

As a member of the so-called civilised western society of humanity, I am appalled at such behaviour, yet I know full well many, many more, especially those in authority in the most powerful nations, are not. They sanction it! All the while they stand resolute, claiming that “American does not condone torture ”. So much bullshit! It’s a time-honoured understanding that America will do whatever America has to do to protect it’s own……even unto its own. The lines have become badly blurred and no ends is justified by the means.


I don’t care who you are or where you’re from. Who you’ve lost to what fundamentalist action in what time frame and under which government. When we surrender humanity and all it stands for, we’ve surrendered the right to call ourselves human beings. Condoning the behaviour I allude to above is tantamount to surrender.

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