Apr 222007

In the previous entry, Bannerman wrote that he was about to complain to Network Seven re: their motorsport coverage. He did. He rang Seven at Epping to seek a means of access, as Seven don’t have a corporate email address. (Shock! Horror!)

A telephone call through to 02 8777-7777 gets you a nicely mannered switch operator who doubles as gate guard. If you wish to make a complaint, she’ll give you a relevant capital city post office box address based on your caller ID’d number at her end, and she’ll encourage you to put your complaint in writing. Someone WILL respond to you within thirty days. Or so Bannerman was assured. We’ll see, because a bolt is definitely going off to Kerry Stokes about today’s timed motorsport event.
On a different front, reader, isn’t it just a little disturbing that in this age of electronic communications, where a major television network’s corporate website greets you with the slogan “creating consumer communication”, that you cannot, in fact are actively discouraged from, communicating with them in the standard electronic manner, being email? Not a healthy sign from a media major, in Bannerman’s view.
Oh, by the way, if you’re a motorsport enthusiast as B-man is, and you too are pissed about Seven’s apparent relapse into 1986 mode, call the above number to get the relevant P.O. box in your state & send Kezza a blister. Numbers make differences, y’know.

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