Nov 152007

Wooden, often stilted and at least once, fumbled. Labor’s election campaign launch I’m referring to. I watched every bit of it on the box last night and while I have to say I’m sick to death of election 2007, I was pleased to see just a little passion in Rudd’s delivery of what was clearly a speech crafted for and aimed at the converted. The constant applause following every, single sentence irritated me, and Rudd’s fixation on the two tele-prompters was equally as distracting as the applause.
Only in the final ten minutes did I detect the vision behind the rhetoric and the passion which drives the vision. It’s there and it’s real, which is more than can be said for Howard’s mob. It’s fairly plain that he only wants back in because he doesn’t know anything else. He’s fixated, driven, obsessed by the power and glory of the position, not the responsibility. That much was made plain from the profligate spending spree which came from the coalition launch on Monday.
If there’s one thing Rudd needs to be careful of, it’s becoming Whitlamesque. He started his delivery in very much a Whitlam-like demeanour, even to the tenor of his voice. Labor has set itself a mighty task, not unlike that which Whitlam set it in 1972. Lets hope that Rudd doesn’t fall into the Whitlam trap of trying too much, too soon. At least it’s unlikely that Labor will face a hostile Senate, even if not a compliant one.
The vibe is clearly in now. Just over one week to go, and anything can still happen because we’re dealing with the craftiest politician this country has ever seen in John Howard. But the feeling is good, both in the polls and now from the MSM. Even the Oz was upbeat today, if one dismisses Caroline Overington’s sour grapes piece, and why wouldn’t one? How that woman keeps her job is beyond me. She must have her legs open for more than Chris Mitchell, is all I can summise.

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