Nov 282007

I know I shouldn’t bother, but in this present day of political ideologies dying rapid and electorally decreed deaths, I continue to be amazed at those who persist in dwelling on that shrinking dichotomic island where attitudes to opinion differences are defined in terms of ‘left’ or ‘right’. Tim Blair is a rusted on example of this unwillingness to accept realities of the modern world, and given past performances in the ‘sphere, I’m not all that surprised.
I’ve asked this question before and still can’t seem to get a clear answer. Just what is a ‘leftist’, and conversely, what makes a ‘rightist’ more politically correct? Are ‘leftists’ genuinely leader-fixated as Blair determines? If so, does that make ‘rightists’ by direct inference, more open to the directionless anarchy of the leaderless rabble?
Just questions, you understand, but important ones especially now that we’re seeing the rise of a government more centrist than socialist-left and hopefully the rebuilding of an opposition more centrist than its hard-right past. Never the twain shall meet, of course, but surely the days of ‘left-v-right’ are long past, and serve only as a refuge for those who prefer to live there.

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