Dec 202006

Many things to many people. That’s Christmas. To the Bannerman, it’s nothing more than a whole lot of the post title. Humbug! Capitalistic, commodity-driven, materialism excited by wave after wave of pumped up media-promoted schmooze. Bannerman abhors carols, unless they’re female, 35 years of age with an hour-glass figure sporting bubble-butt hips & massive mammaries. The repetition as well! Silent night indeed……..if only it were. Then there are the trees, the decorations, the endless streams of tiny, flashing lights, wrapping paper which costs and is never given a thought to as it’s shredded uncaringly. Huge sessions of over-eating over-rich foods which cost much, much more than at any other time of year. Add in the screaming children who have been let out of school for six weeks and the picture is complete.

Wiki says Humbug is an archaic term meaning “hoax”, or “jest”. It also says that in indigenous patois it means “to pester or annoy”. Bannerman reckons Wiki is precisely on target. There is no more annoyingly false faux ceremonial than Christmas. Humbug! and a very merry Bah! to you all, from the Bannerman.

Bannerman is heading bush for the next fourteen days to get as far from the Xmas stupidity as possible. Take good care of yourselves. As the B-man so often says, no-one can or will look after you like you will. If you survive Christmas and make the sensible decision to go to bed at a reasonable hour December 31st without over-indulging in alcohol, loud music or attempting to fuck someone who is uglier than your usual low standards, Bannerman will be here to further educate you in 2007. Until 4th January 2007……….HUMBUG!

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