Aug 032007

According to today’s news, a Flu epidemic has been declared within Queensland because more than 1,000 reported cases have been recorded by medical authorities.

I would suggest that – as the article states – the recorded number is likely to be a gross underestimate. For myself, I’m currently wading through the aches and pains of a second dose of illness inside a month. First came the standard head cold which medical science can treat with antibiotics. However, it’s clear to me that influenza rides herd on these relatively minor bugs, simply waiting until you finish that course of antibiotics, then WHAMMO! And a bloody solid belt around sensibilities it is too.
I managed a week back at work after having a week off, and in truth, didn’t feel all that bad. Yeh, a little snuffly with the odd bark, but all in all, reasonably good. On Tuesday night, however, the bug came on hot & strong. Today is the first time I’ve managed to get out of bed for more than a toilet trip and that only because the bedsheets needed changing.
Make no mistakes, dear reader, this influenza is savage and virulent. In six weeks I turn 50. Up to this year, I’ve scorned the need for flu injections because (a) they tend to give you a reaction anyway; and (b) I’m too healthy. I’m currently sitting here, rugged up, aching all over with a 38 degree temperature and that’s after three days! Medicine can’t do anything for you after the fact because ‘it’s a virus’.
Take a tip. If you haven’t been ill this Winter, and like me have previously scoffed at the flu injection regime, wake up. Get your shot. It has to be a hell of a lot better than simply allowing your body to be a battleground between a virus and your immune system.

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