Apr 142007

"Nobody should be thrown out of work or lose their business or lose their home because of a zealot, or zealotry in relation to policy" – Peter Costello

So, permit Bannerman a moment of misunderstanding here. It’s not okay to be concerned about the damage that business and industry is doing to our climate on a global scale, but it is okay to deliberately weight the balance of probabilities in favour of the very same businesses and industries when it comes to industrial relations? Those who show their concern for the impacts of climate change, according to the conservative ideology, are zealots. Meanwhile, those same conservatives who champion the ability of business and industry to strip away the earning capacity, lifestyle and benefits of having a job consider themselves friends of the working class.

Of course, Workchoices is good for Australia and not ideologically driven, whereas the zealots championing the resolution of climate change causes are the antithesis. Ideologues.

There’s something wrong with this scenario, Australia. Can you spot what it is?

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