Jan 112008

News Radio is chock-a-block with the death of Sir Edmund Hillary at his home in New Zealand. He’ll live on the minds of many, especially the Nepalese Sherpa people for whom he worked so hard in fund raising and infrastructure provision making their lives just a little easier. He’ll live on in the memories of many ‘boomer’ like myself, as the man who first climbed Everest. Like Neil Armstrong’s Moon landing, climbing Everest in 1953 was just as great a feat.
As an aside, I notice Jeremy Sear spiking Tim Blair for belittling the occasion yet again. According to Blair, Hillary said about the climb;

“Well, we knocked the bastard off”

Pity someone wouldn’t so the same for Blair.
Now……I wonder if my Mum still has that autograph of Sir Edmund’s she managed to get when he visited Brisbane in the sixties?

  One Response to “Immortal Kiwi”

  1. He said “I’m just an ordinary kiwi bloke..” which he demonstrated perfectly by jet-boating down the Gnages, from Hardwar where it meets the plains to Calcutta, through Varanasi and the Burning Ghats.

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