Jan 302009

There’s no mystery surrounding the demise of Strathfield. It’s just another case of Tony Hakim covering his tracks. He’s been up this road with ASIC and ACCC before. Surrounding oneself with a web of corporate sleaze seems to be his modus operandi. Curious journos know Mr Hakim by reputation as well, which was his ultimate downfall in his 2002 fracas with Fairfax Press.
How utterly poetic that a defamation claim by Hakim against Fairfax for supposed losses incurred in 2002 because of bad press, should be heard so close to the lodging of ‘exclusive dealing’ claims by the corporate regulator. Seems that Fin Review journo was right all along. I hope ASIC root this bastard out and send him under. He’s shadier than the underside of the rock he lives beneath.

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