Aug 182008

Luxury car tax is a tax on innovation.

So says Eric Abetz. Innovations which the Opposition says Australia’s major vehicle manufacturers will develop and perfect in their luxury car ranges, before mass-producing in the ‘common-or-garden’ vehicle range which more people will buy and more importers of Australian cars will sell. I’m afraid I don’t see the logic in that argument. For starters, what makes Eric Abetz believe that manufacturers, like GM-H, only install their latest safety innovations into vehicles costing more than $57,180? That’s a ludicrous statement! Here’s a prime example of just how stupid that statement is. Can you imagine the outcry from the consuming public, not to mention Australian Design Safety Rules regulators, were such innovative and life-saving advances to only be included into the build quality of Statesman Caprice vehicles?

There’s the perverse and reverse rationale that buyers of luxury motor vehicles are driving around in expensive technological test beds. Clearly that isn’t the case. What ‘luxury’ cars have that other vehicles retailed for less than $57,180, are appointments. Leather seats, suspension modifications which improve ride comfort, engine capacity, electronic gizmos and so on. Comfort items, which those who buy cars costing more than $57,180, expect for their money. Abetz is simply expressing the modus operandi of an opposition, that is intent on being just that, because it can. On every issue, in every case. What he’s doing is putting the impotence of the coalition on display. Yet to come to grips with not being in government, yet to formulate real policy, yet to let go of the ‘born-to-rule’ mentality of the past.

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