Jan 272011

The bleating and whining among conservative apologists, with regard to how the infrastructure bill following flooding in Qld, NSW & Vic will be covered, continues apace.

Not a rational bleat amongst them, all content to whine about Building the Education Revolution – which has been proven to not have been rorted, but did provide some management concerns – the solar energy initiative, which has now been canned much to the chagrin of Greens, ‘pink batts’, which in general was a successful program in getting funding out when it was most needed, and a continuing slew of standard bleats about excessive borrowing, massive interest bills, etcetera. None of which have any basis in fact, make any attempt to acknowledge the reason for said debt, or in any way stipulate why deficit spending is such an evil undertaking. None of which take into context the original purposes of the initiatives, the Global Financial Crisis, policy directions of the ALP in government, indeed, any form of rational consideration whatsoever.

You see, it matters not a hoot to these apologists what this government does, how it does what it does or why it does what it does. What matters is only that the government isn’t conservative, and therefore generates considerable angst, frustration, feelings of helplessness and overall bile-generating sour tastes in the ideologically conservative mouth. Response du rigour to anything enacted by the Labor government is to oppose. After all, the conservatives are in opposition and according to it’s leader, the politically incorrect and honesty challenged Tony Abbott, that’s what oppositions do. Oppose.

I’m sure and certain that not all conservatives are apologists for the pathetic performances of Abbott, Joyce, Bishop, et al. There simply cannot be, by law of averages, no conservative voters who breathe through their mouths, curse at anyone who challenges their ideology and spend 90% of every day on Twitter inhabiting the #auspol hashtag. The latest bleat over the Government imposed levy increase to the existing Medicare levy of 0.50% for someone with an income of my level, and 1% for those over $100,000 in income, the funds raised to go towards paying for rebuilding of flood damaged infrastructure, is bound to be a bleater’s hobby horse for no rational reason other than it exists. It’s a reasonable cause and reasonable method of raising funding. Not in the least dissimilar to the gun buy-back levy, the dairy industry rationalisation levy, the sugar industry assistance levy, the Ansett corporate failure levy – which just quietly was created by the Howard government approval of a liquidity bereft Air New Zealand to takeover & strip bare the Australian carrier – or the proposed but not instigated levy to assist the people of East Timor in 1999. In my view, a levy to assist with repair & replacement of damaged infrastructure vital to this country’s export industries has far, far more validity than bailing out farmers or cleaning up the fallout of corporate collapses.

The precedents have been set and hypocritical claims of excessive spending by government or failure to sell public owned institutions such as Medibank Private simply have no sound basis for support. So, I’ll pay another $200 in the next tax year to help repair the nation. Big deal! I already pay just over $640 a year for a supposedly universal health scheme which conservatism gutted and made less effective & more costly in 1996. I feel paying for something worth while is a justified impost. I know full well, I piss up the wall more each week than the levy increase will take from me. I’ll never miss it. Neither will any other working Australian. That won’t stop the conservative opposition from opposing, ranting about another GBNT (Great Big New Tax) or making claims about the federal budget when they know three-fifths of seven eighths of sweet fuck all about what is or isn’t available by way of ‘fat’ in said budget. The bleating will continue because that’s what conservatives do best. That’s ALL conservatives seem to do these days. Bleat, whine, whinge, gripe, gnash teeth & rip out hair. Not a reasoned policy response among them and certainly not from the federal coalition itself. Bob Menzies would disown the lot of them. Liberals they most certainly are not.

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