Aug 242008

I have to say that was quite proud of Timmy Blair as he made his inaugural appearance on Insiders this morning.

That is, up until he opened his mouth.. In all seriousness, I thought Timmy made a fair fist of his first appearance on the ABC’s premier weekend current affairs program. He didn’t make fun of Annabelle Crabbe, or dis Dennis Atkins, and the trademark Blair sense of humour was kept well and truly in check for 99% of the hour long showing. Right up until a discussion over Mt.Isa Mayor’s clumsy offering to attractiveness-challenged females became the centre of attention.

Dennis Atkins related the tale of a Courier Mail journalist sent off to the Isa to report on the issue. Timmy couldn’t help himself and I have to say I was so terribly disappointed at that late stage in proceedings. He’d been doing so well.

DENNIS ATKINS: "We sent a reporter up to Mt.Isa to investigate …"

TIMMY BLAIR: "Male or female?"


Male or female …. What was running through your tiny, limited, humouresque mind, Timmy? I get the impression that a bitingly witty, and somewhat cynically sexist comment was banging against the commonsense barriers you’d thrown up as protection against an hour-long ABC prim_and_proper session on a Sunday morning. Clearly there was a non-politick remark very, very close to the surface at that particular point in time. I’d suggest that you have Dennis Atkins to thank for saving your arse, given he continued on with his commentary, not asking you ‘why?’.

Come on, Timmy ….. Regardless of how much you senselessly despise the ABC, it is the only television network in the country which is prepared to have you on. How about smartening up a tad, hmmm?

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