Mar 132008

I think it’s disingenuous of George Brandis to claim that inquiring into the Haneef Affair now would compromise an AFP investigation.

AFP Commissioner Keelty may well have told Senate estimates that an investigation was ongoing, and so it may be, but I fail to understand how looking into the circumstances behind the activities of the Federal Prosecutor and the actions of former Minister for Immigration, Kevin Andrews, is likely to impact negatively upon any investigation.
What little we’ve told told, which appears to have any validity, indicates that Haneef was used politically to benefit the home security claims of the former Howard government. It’s 2007 ‘Tampa’, if you will. Personally, I’d like to know what went on, who said what to whom and why Haneef was treated as he was. Reading through the transcripts of the interrogation which became public, much to the chagrin of the AFP and government at the time, tend to indicate no basis for extended incarceration or the revokation of Haneef’s visa.
Clearly, there is no timing of any inquiry which would suit the former government. As with other post-election revelations of that government’s performances, embarrassment will ensue, of that there is no doubts. That the people of Australia have a right to know why the events took place as they did, is equally without doubt.

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