Feb 202007

LP comments policy at Larvatus Prodeo

Bannerman chuckled, chortled and guffawed his way through the entirety of this Labia Prodders post. Clearly one or more of the rabid end in the blog spectrum – notice, ideology is not a factor in this post – has imitated the neighbourhood tomcat and sprayed up the walls at LP.

Well, not to put too fine a point on these issues, shit happens. Pun completely uninten……..aww, look who is Bannerman kidding. There’s very little opportunity these days for a giggle at the expense of another blogger(s), so even the crew at Larceny Producers must see the funny side of writing a post to complain about readers complaining, while trying so very hard to make said post not look like a complaint.

On a serious note for just a moment, Mark, tomcats have been spraying the writings of those they can’t accept the positions of, don’t have alternative positions to debate from nor the skills or personality to carry a discussion with for more years than the Bannerman can recall. He knows. He’s been sprayed by Uni students, the odd Bastard (very odd!), diatribe dribblers, retired soldiers, media mumblers and assorted other intellectually deficient denizens of the blogworld, both in this incarnation, and previously. Even back when deleting a comment, any comment, was regarded as the heights of cowardice. Imagine that! He hasn’t ever been able to understand who’s meant to be the coward, the tomcat or the blogger, but there you go. It’s something indicative of the mindset.

These days, as Bannerman understands it, deletion is du rigeur. In fact, deletion is the right of the blog owner. That much is understood in the present time, even by the tomcats, which makes the publication of intricate and convoluted comment policies rather superfluous. Rather than form a fence between the idiot element and the blog writer, putting comment policies up in lights is more akin to driving a by-pass through the clutter, right to the front door. Hmmmm………interesting PR tack, LP’ers.

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