Apr 132007

And now Bannerman is wondering just what he’s done. And why?

Thanks to the Lefty on this one. It’s a fair assumption that every weblog exists in a constant state of flux in regard to it’s presentation, facilities and point of access (host). So it’s been with Bannerman’s site.
Now, poor old B-man is seriously challenged when it comes to php coding and understanding Six Apart’s own proprietory adaptation in Moveable Type. Some intending commenters might have noticed that comments simply don’t work, returning an advice from Typekey – the nominated authentication service – that Hyperidian Bannerman had not signed up for the service. Well, due to Bannerman’s ineptitude in the Moveable Type arena, that’s precisely what he hadn’t done. Sign up to Typekey. He thought his previous weblog would just carry over. What a dick!
After a little delving into the bowels of the MT installation and settings screens – an exercise which was undertaken with much trepidation – Bannerman has successfully managed to amend his Typekey account to include his blog in the authentication process. Yay!
So……a question to Lefty at this point? Does this mean B-man has to think seriously on the subject of O’Reilly’s Rules? He’s not very keen on the Star of David icon advertising civility.

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