Nov 162007

Poor Dennis Shanahan. He’s quite literally torn between a grudging admiration for Kevin Rudd and Labor, and supporting his conservative heart’s desire in the coalition.

So confused is Dennis that he’s resorted to analogies from Greek mythology in his column today. Invoking ‘Scylla and Charybdis’ and later ‘Ulysses and Jason’ as if this election is some titanic struggle where only the good guys can win out. Of course, we all know who Dennis believes to be the good guys, yet he’s struggling with both realities and his own conscience throughout his article.
At the end of the day, Election2007 is about far, far more than this equally mythical thing called ‘economy’. The electorate knows it, the candidates know it, Howard and Rudd both know it. Idiots like Tony Abbott will never recognise it and there-in lies the nexus of Election2007. One side is in touch with immediate realities. The other persists in living in the past.
Just as Scylla and Charybdis, Ulysses and Jason are mythical, so are the chances that conservatism will win another round at the table.

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