Mar 292007

"There are many countries near to us – Indonesia comes very much to mind – where an initiative such as this will be very much welcome" – John Howard on the launching of his governments ’tree initiative’

Bannerman’s having a hard time understanding the impetus on this one. Australia is contributing $200 million Aussie tax-payer dollars to places like Indonesia and Malaysia to plant more trees and help stamp out illegal logging of precious natural forests and their associated habitats, yet nothing towards doing the same thing at home???!

Granted, logging of old growth forests in Australia is legalised because politicians see votes in maintaining a corporate status quo, but that’s a subjective judgement which Bannerman doesn’t have any say about. So, why aren’t Aussie tax-payer dollars being allocated to tree plantings at home? Do we have enough to go around? Is there a per-head-of-capita limit on the number of trees a nation is permitted to have. Are tree quotas something linked with the ’new kyoto’ scenario Howard says is better than the old kyoto scenario, the latter which is evil and the former which we’re yet to see anything of?

And who’s going to make sure our Aussie tax-payer dollars are actually going to tree plantings? Is the ADF going to be put in charge of administration? Boy scouts, maybe?

It’s all too confusing. There have to be votes in this somewhere, but Bannerman just can’t see where. Maybe he needs a nice lie down.

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