Nov 302006

Your Bannerman has been carousing the OzBlogosphere after a long absence, even to the extent of venturing into the Dark Side.

I am much amused to find that very little changes in some ways, but in others, change is radical. Indeed, there are those places in the ‘sphere where freedom of expression was once trumpeted as banners of their very own. No censorship, no fear of critique, only openness. How times have changed.
It seems now that one cannot simply make a comment to Timmy Blair’s site, either opposing or joining the shrieking baboon troop who habitually inhabit his site, unless one registers oneself.
Your Bannerman clearly recalls Blair making merry of the fact that registration on your Bannerman’s former website was a necessity to forestall the aforesaid baboons from painting the walls of said site in faecal matter. The Roman God who looks both ways is laughing so hard, he’s weeping.

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