Apr 172007

Howard says he’s realistic about his position in the polls and claims the underdog position in the leadup to this years federal election.

The question begs though, just how realistic is he? An article in today’s fin review [subscription reqd] clearly shows he’s not pushing anything of substance at the moment – other than the proverbial up a very steep slope with a sharp pointed garden implement – and doesn’t look like having anything of a policy nature to trot out anytime soon.
Of course, there’s always the budget to woo a few of the gullible across, but given the RBA’s unrequited position on monetary policy, is it worth the risk to play Santa Claus in May, hoping to get back into power by December? The potential for damage to the economy from profligate spending of the type seen in 2004 is enormous. Then again, perhaps as a slash-and-burn tactic, if he’s really being realistic, he might just pull that stunt which would result in Labor taking the reins of an economy on a serious downward slide.
The Bannerman doesn’t really consider the latter to be a real threat, but it is interesting to note that all we see and hear from JWH at present is more of the usual baseless rhetoric….

“One of the biggest dangers – it’s not the only danger – is that if Mr Rudd wins the next election we will have Labor governments at every level in this country. There will be no checks and balances. You will have Labor governments everywhere and then you will have Unions exerting their Authority over those Labor governments and it will be a very different country from the one we have at the moment”

Real reds-under-the-beds stuff, isn’t it. No checks and balances, Unions running riot, strikes galore, mayhem in the streets, women and babies being sacrificed to Union demogogues, salt mines opened in South Australia, elections banned, democracy abolished. The list just goes on. And on, and on, and on. That is, if you’re one of the gullible. Business and industry don’t appear too concerned, given the dearth of activism from that sector lately, and Unions aren’t all smiles and rosey glasses either given Labor’s IR policy released today.
If there’s one thing Howard needs to be realistic about, it’s that the Australian people are tired of his lies, his misdirection, his obfuscation, his general abuse of the average working Joe and biased ideologically driven outlook on life in general. He is out of touch, past his used-by date and really starting to stink. If there’s one thing to be realistic about, it’s political oblivion.

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