Dec 012008

Especially for you, out there, on the so-called suburban Left. David Hicks is a terrorist and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is his apologist. Things Piers Akerman seems to believe we all need reminding of.

Just what, or perhaps where, is the suburban Left anyway? Is it a cultural subset? Is it a class division? Is it what the loonie Left became when the Right fell out of love with itself, lost government and were sent, babbling to themselves about where they went wrong, into the political wilderness in 2007. Perhaps the suburban Left is something all together more frightening to the likes of Piers Akerman, who uses every available opportunity to push his ideological barrow, even to the point of adopting this Protector of the Public Faith attitude, completely out of context, on Sunday morning national television.
Personally, I believe Akerman exposes himself in much the same manner as Aesop’s Emperor. He’s shrouded himself in these garments of holier than thou transparency, claiming his, and only his ideology has all of the answers, while failing to acknowledge that his side of the fence hasn’t managed to put any dents into the Islamo-fascist problem, any more than his so-called suburban Left have. Piers Akerman, flawed and exposed, yet he never realises.
If ignorance is bliss, Piers Akerman is surely stupefyingly delirious.

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