Aug 202008

It seems that New Zealand has a porn industry.

Evidenced by today’s "Boobs on Bikes" parade through the streets of Auckland to advertise an ‘Erotica Expo’ staged by New Zealand’s porn king, Steve Crow. I wasn’t even aware New Zealand had a porn industry! Of course, there were the usual crew of opposing suspects, claiming that the girls in the parade were being degraded, and that porn harms women and children – a spurious claim if ever I’ve read one. Auckland City councillor Doctor Cathy Casey and the political party Family First (sound familiar?) have been fighting a battle against what they claim to be indecency, and have clearly lost, despite changing local by-laws to try to force their views on the general populace. I wonder if she did lie down in front of the parade of jiggling jubblies as she claimed she would?

The legal hoo-hah has been in and out of court in New Zealand for weeks judging by the news reports, and I must say I’m refreshingly surprised that the legal system in New Zealand has at least one progressive beak – Judge Nicola Mathers – who ruled in favour of the parade’s organisers, stating …

"It is not offensive per se for women to be topless. It may be distasteful to some, but in my view the council reference to offensive cannot reasonably apply in these circumstances"

Aaaah, common sense. It’s still alive and well in the New Zealand legal system, even if not in some sectors of New Zealand politick.

Some reasonable shots of the ‘indecent’ parade can be found here. If you’re interested in gawking at women being degraded in public, that is.

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