Apr 132007

You’re a joke, PM tells sheik – National – smh.com.au
“Well, I’m tempted to say we should start treating the man as a joke and in relation to his comments about me, well I’ve been insulted by experts so I’m rather untroubled by them,” Mr Howard said.

Bannerman is in total agreement, except for the references to ‘starting’ to treat this Islamic idiot as a joke. Even Bannerman, who is all for a fair go, second chance, tolerance type of approach to people like the Shady Sheik, reckons Taj el-Din al Hilarious is doing a better job of exposing his disdain for the real Aussies than even our glorious PM manages.
No warm and fuzzies for John Howard though. He’s quite right when he states he’s been insulted by experts and can take the jibes. That’s his primary purpose in life and he certainly lives up to it

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