May 272011

Twitter account #7 has survived more than 24 hours.

That is a feat in itself and not entirely undue to assistance and support I have received from my Twitter friends, especially @tadlette, @andy_downunda, @baemmeup67 and a couple of others who don’t come immediately to mind. It seems that somewhere along the line my accounts were being hacked or mis-represented in such a way that suspension protocols became modus du jour for the Twitter overlords. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t carry on like the pork chop David Thiessen does. I know for a fact that @dotnetnoobie, alias David Thiessen, was and remains actively impersonating each and every account I create in such a manner that users who encounter his juvenile attempts at vendetta would not immediately be able to discern from avatar or user name whether the assaults were me, or him. As an example, the account SQNLDR_CaIlis looks very much like SQNLDR_Callis depending on which font you’re using to view the name. The native Twitter web font displays both as indistinguishable from each other, however, if viewed in a serif font like Courier or Times New Roman the differences are stark. Clever, but as I say, juvenile. One would expect a 40 year old to behave slightly more adult, but sadly for some – IQ of 158 aside – it’s simply not possible. I seriously doubt that IQ figure as well. The bastard lies like there’s no tomorrow. He has quite an internet presence as ‘dotnetnoobie’. Particularly on software writer geek sites, but never completes a profile in any forum. Insofar as ‘David Thiessen’ is concerned, dotnetnoobie is the individual, David Thiessen is the skid mark.

That the accounts were hacked is not in question. Only the logs can confirm, but given the skill level in various coding protocols of the main protagonists, I have no doubts. The desktop client I was using, Tweetdeck, may have contributed so it has been trashed and any keylogger trojans should have been purged from the desktop machine by the time this is posted. To be safe, I’ll be using one of two laptops I have at my disposal which has not been used to access Twitter. A clean start, or should that be re-start?

I’ll reiterate once again that not one of the allegations levelled against me in the public sphere has any basis in truth or fact. Not one of the protagonists has made any effort to back their claims, which is only to be expected when they have nothing to back. This is ideological warfare being conducted by poorly equipped opponents. They are ‘right’ and I am ‘left’, in their view. It’s an extremely narrow view and not in the least unexpected from individuals who cannot see past their own philosophical myopia. There’s a saying that one should never bother engaging in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent, and the last week has proven this adage beyond any doubt. Equally there is little point attempting engagement with guttersnipes, unless one is willing to be dragged down into the slime on their level. That’s what the conservative antagonists of #auspol love to do. Sitting back last evening & watching the text scroll past I was ironically amused by the continual taunting of a user presence which wasn’t there, couldn’t be activated and in a couple of cases, had already been disposed of. It’s funny to me because it seems that without me to exude their angst upon, the auspol trolls are virtually neutered. Highly amusing, and revealing in many ways which I won’t go into here, as that might risk tipping my hand. Suffice to say it’s easy to tell who is who behind the avatar and bravado. There are a number of sock-puppets operating in #auspol, I’ll leave it at that.

So this is a strategic withdrawal, for now. I’m letting that battle go, but never the war. The good fight goes on and I have never retreated from the good fight. I have other weapons up my sleeve and they will be exercised in coming weeks. Stay tuned.

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