May 052010

It’s been a while since I posted here, so I thought I’d make some observations re: yesterday’s Newspoll.

I doubt the poll is a ‘rogue’ given News use the same set of questions time after time. My feeling is that it’s a knee-jerk reaction to the bad vibes for government from the failed insulation program, canning of the CPRS, the inevitable dog-whistling from Abbott et al over refugee boats and perceptions that the Henry Tax Review has been nothing but a smoke & mirrors exercise in futility.
Frankly, had I been asked about Rudd’s popularity, I’d have said he’s losing the plot as well. I still believe the devil you voted for is better than the one you turfed out 3 years ago, and let’s face it….Tony Abbott as PM???? No-one can be that naive. Rudd and his close cohort need to take advice & start a re-invention between now & whenever the election is called. I’m punting for October 23 or 30. Apart from Lindsay Tanner – a personal favourite of mine on Lateline – I don’t see a whole lot of cohesiveness. We rarely see or hear Swan, save for when he’s slagging off a mining magnate. Chris Bowen only shows up on RN Breakfast Wednesday mornings for a staged spitting contest with Christopher Pyne. Macklin, Gillard, Ellis, Lundy are all but invisible, only speaking when required to do so portfolio-wise. The same can be said for Albanese, Crean, McClellan, Roxon, Emerson….the list just goes on. We only ever see, hear and read about & from Kevin Rudd and for mine, I’m tired of his continual bland spin. I like Lindsay Tanner because he’s informed, articulate and unafraid to tell it as it is. At least from the government perspective.
My politics won’t allow me to vote conservative, and I don’t believe they have anything worthy of comment anyway. There is no policy, only carping. No alternative proposals, only opposition for the sake of opposition. I’m please though, to see that Turnbull has seen the light and reneged on his resignation. Conservative or not, he is still far and away the best talent the Liberal Party has. The man has balls and conviction, something which can’t be said for the PM at the present moment. He’s too busy wielding the pre-election broom to be paying genuine attention to the voices of the people, and to me that’s a bad, bad sign.
First term government, watery opposition, I can’t see labor being turfed out come October-November. They’ll lose a few seats, but gain a couple as well. There will be a message delivered from the people, which Rudd will pretend to acknowledge, then carry on with his agenda, whatever that may be, and therein lies the unrevealed element of this Labor government. We haven’t seen their agenda yet. The advent of the GFC put all of whatever they had planned onto the backburner. The last 2.5 years has been all about maintaining a status quo, nothing more and certainly nothing less. With the economy on the turn, interest rates and inflation rising, a strong currency and re-energised resources sector, I believe we’ll see more of the Rudd government’s direction from 2011 onwards. For now, it’s hands on deck and make sure they’re clear because there’s rough weather ahead, but after that, a new course will be steered.
Polls come & go. In the final washup, there’s only one that counts.

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