Jan 292008

Sitting here over lunch, listening to George W. Bush’s last State of the Union address, I can’t help but think it’s pure empty rhetoric.

No new taxes, in fact, he says he’ll veto any bill which drops in front of him increasing taxes. That’s fine & dandy…..for the next 11 months. What then? All bets will be off, naturally, and ‘Dubya’ will slide away scot free, as usual. I’m surprised he didn’t mimick his fathers words – “…read my lips!” I note he’s into the pontifical ‘Let us invest in…..’ with relation to alternative energies as a response to global warming, while still shoving aside the responsibility as the worlds largest polluter to lead the way, by claiming that other developed nations need to come on board with the US first.
He’s making claims about the renewal and recovery of New Orleans from the Hurricane Katrina disaster, which his administration hasn’t met to date, and doubtless won’t between now and January 2008 when it ceases to exist. In fact, the entire speech thus far (he’s up to illegal immigrants) has been nothing but warm, cuddly motherhood statements, intended to make Americans feel good, while the cold, harsh realities of their faltering economy and a failed foreign policy sap the life and vitality of what was one of the worlds truly great nations eight years ago.
George W. Bush may have a high I.Q. but it’s clear that he hasn’t used it to the benefit of his nation or her people. Bush has betrayed America, and by inference, the global community. Cheated the Iraqi people of self-determination, under-resourced his own people in Afghanistan while duck-shoving the responsibility for a war he started to NATO. All the while, carrying on a war of inflammatory words with Iran over pursuit of a technology to which that nation is not just entitled to research, but has an inalienable right to so do in accordance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
This speech has no substance, only empty words from a morally challenged politician whom history will surely judge harshly. Rightly so, in my view.

  One Response to “Lame Duck Quacks”

  1. In Rio in the 90s, the run-up to Kyoto, the US rep,. made it clear that (even under an alleged Democrat) “the amerikan lifestyle is NOT NEGOTIABLE”
    Plus ca change.
    I was especially moved by his brilliant call to ‘expand the economy’. Passing strange is it not that he STILL has a 30% approval rating? Where did that poll take place?

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