Nov 092006

Donald Rumsfeld is the first of the scapegoats America’s now proven lame-duck President will create in response America’s electorate’s sharply defined rejection of his policy on the Iraq war.

At the time of writing, the US Senate is poised on a knife edge. Republicans and Democrats holding fifty seats each in the 100 seat house. The Congress is now very clearly Democrat by just short of 30 seats. The message from Americans who voted is clear. “Get us out of Iraq! Do it soon and do it with dignity, but overall…..just do it!” Now, were Dick Cheney to be shown the door, Bush might just, maybe, manage to recover some credibility with not only the American electorate, but also the world in general. Personally, I don’t believe Bush has the guts, nor desire to dismiss the Vice-President. After all, he is the power behind the neo-con ethos.

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