Mar 192008

It seems that someone at the Oz has taken some heed of Paul Keatings plea for rationalism on behalf of the MSM. Albrechtsen is now ranting about total irrelevancies on the ideology front which concern overseas personalities and environments!

I may be a philosophical philistine, but just who are David Mamet, Michael Billington and David Lister among a slew of other total unknowns Albrechtsen drops the names of in her latest rant?
Poor Janet. So desperate for a glimmer of light in that dark tunnel of ideological doom she & her kind have found themselves in since 24 November 2007. Time to awaken, Janet! The differences you’ve come to realise exist between your so-called ‘left’ and ‘right’ have been there all along. It’s why the two strains of thought will never meet, but also why your argument for their existence holds no water.
Albrechtsen tries to narrow down the existential ideological differences between her hated ‘left’ and idealised ‘right’ to brain bias. Whether you’re a left-brain thinker, or a right-brain thinker. Amusingly, and undoubtedly irritating to Albrechtsen et al, left-brain thinkers would be right/conservative ideologists. Right-brain thinkers are the “feelers”, the dreaded looney-left of Janet’s nightmares. Such a sweet irony when one stops to consider the complete idiocy of the left-v-right paradigm.
If she’s in anyway correct, the stark differences portrayed explain clearly why ‘right’ and ‘left’ will rarely, if ever, agree. The world is not a room where one can stop, consider, theorise and make remote, intellectual judgements about circumstances which impact upon people and events. The world is an open, undulating plain, crowded with multiple ideas, voices, opinions, and yes, emotions. The world cannot be viewed accurately from an isolated stand-point. It can only be experienced from within it’s clutter, bustle and confusion.
Theorising is a fine, and worthwhile exercise but ultimately a futile one if the theory is not put to an acid test in the in the real world where other people’s ideals exist and deserve equanimity. This is why the right hates the left. The right wants everything to be just so, in accordance with remote, analytical judgement of any given circumstance. They prefer to throw a rock into the pond of world opinion, declaring that it will sink out of sight in a just-so manner, the splash landing where they claim it will and waves acting in a pre-determined way. The left prefer to drop a pebble into the pond and watch where the ripples go, and what their impact will be before declaring whether hurling the rock will be a good thing or a bad thing for the pond overall. Especially the ducks on the surface and fish beneath.

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