Jan 312007

This article, among many, many others highlights the ever increasing focus by Australians on the plight of David Hicks. Politicians of every stripe except those of the inner circle of the coalition government are calling for, at the very least, an independent psychiatric assessment of Hicks. The inner circle appear quite satisfied with asking the obvious questions and receiving the obvious answers.

The time is long past for this man’s release. He is NOT charged. He cannot be charged with any supposed crime which in any proper court would survive the initial perusal of the presiding authority. He faces a kangaroo court of the U.S. administration’s convenience. His own government has abandoned him out of political convenience and he flatly refuses to see its representatives. Those representatives continue to force themselves upon him, despite his written proclamations refuting their ‘assistance’, and for that he is said to suffer retribution at the hands of a so-called ally.

When will Australia rise up against its government and demand this man’s release?

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