Oct 232007

Mail today consisted of a white envelope with a yellow face and blue writing on it stating “Important Election Information”

Inside I find a pamphlet entitled “2007 Election Postal Vote Application Information”. I think ‘Nice, but I think I’ll amble down to Alex Hills High School……that’s STATE high school……and make my mark in person. I close the pamphlet and spot on the back……


My question is this…why isn’t the Australian Electoral Commission charged with ensuring those who require postal votes get the required application paperwork? Why is Mr Laming…the supposedly innocent Mr Laming who the AFP couldn’t mount a case against for lack of sufficient evidence…wasting my taxpayer dollars on clear and present partisan advertising in the guise of a community service?
Of course, Mr Laming is academically astute, according to some, and apparently has a nice resum√©. I sincerely disdain any references to his so-called ‘humanitarian work’. Especially when he’s deliberately wasting MY money advertising HIS political career in the guise of doing good things.

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