May 122007

A Canberra microbiologist has warned that the use of recycled water poses the risk of a major disease outbreak and it should only be used for drinking as a last resort.

ABC News Online

So, pump the recycled water back into water supply holding reservoirs and dams. This argument that recycled water is dangerous has whiskers so long it’s proponents are constantly tripping over them. Professor Collignon seriously needs to pull his head out of his test tubes and take a serious look at the realities of recycled waste water. He’s doubtless already imbibing it to some degree if he’s a resident of the ACT. I wonder if he eats grapes or drinks wine? Perhaps he ought to visit the platapus at the Lower Molonglo River outlets.

As for the Professor’s protestations regarding the inaccuracy of references to Singapore’s usage of recycled water, ’almost entirely used in industry’ doesn’t quite bear out his case. Recycled water in Singapore is either drunk by the population, Professor, or it isn’t. Word is, that it is. QED.

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