Nov 262007

A quick run around the blogosphere today reveals that Labor nay-sayers in the sphere are especially quiet. Tim Blair hasn’t updated today as I write this and many other ‘righties’ haven’t bothered either. Resident right-wing nutter, Andrew Landeryou has a swag of blather in his usual shotgun style, which I note is somewhat prophetically adored by now deceased Kevin ‘Big Kev’ McQuay and a flip-flopping George Brandis.
Mind you, I haven’t checked in on every single RWDB declared blog that exists, but those who are linked to from Clubtroppo, for example, are usually representative. On this occasion, by their decided lack of comment on the changes of play in Oz Politick, that is.
As one of my career mentors often stated, ‘Winners are grinners and losers can please themselves’ Never a truer word uttered.

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